Just a thought…

Had a conversation with my son and his gf the other day
They made a good point—the circumstances and opportunities in minority communities need to change
Money can’t just be thrown towards social programs that don’t work
Time and energy need to be used to find a creative, outside the box solution
A company like amazon or google, who are so creative in their approach to everything, could prob come up with a way to give lower income (high crime/drug) areas a chance to find better ways to make money
An alternative to crime
My first reaction was “How? Impossible, won’t work” but after having time to think it over, I think that’s exactly what needs to be done
It’s worked in places like India, where businesses went in and offered money and careers to a poor community
Now they have financial goals that are attainable and companies are successful
My hope is that companies will be inspired by the blm movement (not the violent rioters/looters, but the peaceful experience sharers) to utilize their resources to find a novel, creative approach to leveling the playing field for individuals born into tough situations

Published by cindy2112

I moved to Jersey City last October - since then, my husband and I have tried most of the local eateries and found places to go linedancing ( a must!) I want to share our love for the area with you

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